our history

30 years of Excellent Service

EMT's, Paramedics, Security and Lifeguards

FIRE EMS Inc. is a company that is dedicated to providing emergency medical assistance on events such as: concerts, sporting events, movie & TV productions, and marathons to name a few.

We decided to start FIRE EMS Inc. to provide outstanding paramedic and EMT services. I have experience as a paramedic and worked as a flight paramedic and firefighter paramedic, EMT instructor and EMS Specialist - County Investigator. 


We also provide security services for large and small events. To protect small and large crowds, we have a tactical approach to serve everyone accordingly. 

In fact, FIRE EMS Inc.'s EMTs and paramedics are licensed in accordance with the California EMS Authority and are fully insured with HPSO.

The owner, together with his team, enjoys working in the challenging field of Emergency Medical Services. They find it exhilarating to be able to do the job that they love to do and at the same time provide the appropriate service needed in the event.

If you want to know more about the company and the services they offer, you can send them an email at contact@fireems.org or call us at 833-478-4821

For your upcoming events, make sure that you book FIRE EMS Inc.'s services. The company can guarantee that the paramedics will be reliable, professional and efficient while carrying out their duties.